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MaxiBright Euro Reflector/Shade

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The WorkHorse in Horticultural growing, the budget beginner and commercial reflector of choice.

All lights are CE certified and guaranteed. They run absolutely silent and have no exposed wires, unlike the budget lights available from other retailers. Made by leading horticultural lighting companies from Holland and England. All thorough testing and approval worldwide. These lights are far from home-made, unlike other cheap lights on the market. Buying lights without CE Certification is like buying a car without a MOT. 

These light systems represent the best value grow light currently available. With the outstanding CE marked fully enclosed Hobby Control Gear, there is no other light system available for this price that meets the same standards of quality and safety. Using exactly the same grow lamps as every other light system we supply, these systems give you the same intense lumen output for a highly reduced cost.

The new improved euro Reflector has a dimpled aluminium finish for even light distribution, revised reflective angles, curved corners for safety and a parabolic fold above the lamp for a more evn spread of light. It’s open ended design also makes it suitable for low mounting heights. There really is no cheaper way of getting this much valuable light to your plants. Complete Systems available in 250, 400 and 600 under grow light kit section

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