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Powerplant Aerowing Reflector (With IEC Cord Set)

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The Superb Aerowing from Powerplant has revolutionised indoor cultivation by permitting a huch higher canopy level & far greater temperature control, than conventional reflectors. These fantastic reflectors really are exceptional at keeping those grow-room temperatures low and as a result; ensuring your yields are high.

Featuring a toughened 4mm glass plate which keeps heat away from your plants, the Aerowing expels heat through the two 6″ openings at either end and can be vented by using either 6″ just ducting with or without a small fan. The Powerplant Aero wing reflector features a highly reflective interior to make the most of your lumen output, yet can grow right up to only a few inches below the reflector.

This is a highly efficient way of lighting all sized grow-rooms and several Aerowings can even be joined together, creating a highly effective lighting solution for single tents or much larger grows too. Each kit comes complete with hanging hooks, adjustable lamp-holder, 5 metres of cable with IEC connection as well as the glass panel and frame.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 20 x 60 x 54cm

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