A.R.T.S. Spired 250ml



Spider mites control including their eggs and larvae

Spired dissolves the webs and eggs of spider mites, thus suppressing spider mite populations. Spired consists of cloveoil and other natural ingredients, such as rotenone (an extract obtained from tropical plants) and quassia (extract from quassia wood). To free your crop of red spider mites, spray it with Spired in an early stage of the infection. The sources of infection will then be encapsulated, as it were. Proper coverage is essential for good results.

Spider Mite Control Instructions

Good experiences with this product are described in trade literature for pot plants, bedding plants, cut flowers, vegetables (except sweet peppers), fruit and trees. The risk of crops developing resistance is unlikely. Spired does not affect natural predators. Spray your crop at least 2 to 3 times every 4 to 7 days.

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