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Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead is the modern version of the old PK type flowering booster which has been optimised for indoor use. Highly Recommended.

    Designed by a team of top scientists dedicated to making products of excellence
    Manufactured to the highest possible standards by Advanced Nutrients
    A flowering booster which has been optimised for indoor gardens
    Creates bigger and heavier blooms of superior quality
    Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters

How Advanced Nutrients - Hammerhead works:

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead is the modern alternative to the standard PK type flowering boosters available today. PK-type boosters were originally designed a long time ago for agricultural outdoor use where phosphorous is quickly washed out of the soil. With indoor growing this does not happen and so the ideal ratio of P to K is different. Advanced Nutrients have formulated Hammerhead to have the ideal ratio of P to K for indoor gardening. Hammerhead provides exactly the right amounts of supplemental P and K for optimal bloom boosting without over-fertilising or burning your plants. Hammerhead also contains various other ingredients that your plants require a lot of during peak-blooming such as magnesium that other PK boosters do not contain. Try Hammerhead instead of your usual PK booster and then see, smell and weigh the difference in your crops.

Please note that Hammerhead is not part of the Advanced Nutrients “pH perfect” range of products and if Hammerhead is used you will need to check and adjust the pH of your reservoir regularly.
Using Advanced Nutrients - Hammerhead:

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead is for use in any type of hydroponic grow-system in the first 2 weeks of the flowering cycle. To use, simply make up your nutrient solution as usual, check and adjust strength as required and then add Hammerhead at a rate of 2ml/Litre and mix well. Adjust pH to the required value.

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