Advanced Nutrients - Iguana Juice Grow/Bloom 1L

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Give Your High Value Plants this Easy to Use Organic Base
True Organics Iguana Juice Grow is a one-part, convenient, all-organic grow base that flows easily through all types of hydroponics systems you use. Loaded with essential nutrients your plants need for nutrient healthy roots, rapid veg phase growth, and sturdy stalks and stems, True Organics Iguana Juice Grow preps your high value plants for a productive bloom phase later on.

Now Get Organic Flowers and One-Part Convenience
True Organics Iguana Juice Bloom is a one-part, all-organic bloom base that works in all types of hydroponics systems to provide your plants what they need for bloom phase energy production, flower development, and strong metabolism. Use True Organics Iguana Juice Bloom when you want the value-enhancing benefits of organic crops.

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