AirForce Wall Fan 16" Multi Directional

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The 16” AirForce Pro Wall Fans are ideal for use in multiple places, from office to grow room! These fans are simple to assemble and to fit onto a wall.

The AirForce Pro Wall Fan has 40 Watts of power with 3 different speed settings: high, medium and low. These can be alternated with the string controls hanging under the wall fan.

The fan is able to rotate 90° on a loop or stay in the same place by pulling the other hanging string under the wall fan. The AirForce Wall Fan can also tilt up and down allowing you to direct where you want cool air is distributed.

  • 3 speed settings
  • Adjustable vertical tilt
  • 90° circular oscillation loop
  • Suitable for multiple environments
  • Gives even air distribution
  • Controllable air flow direction


  • Blade Size: 406mm / 16″
  • Full Dimensions: 455mm x 450mm x 290mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 6.59KG
  • Power: 40W

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