AromOzone Ozone Generator

Size: 8" 1 Cell


The use of Inline Ozone sterilization devices to remove mould, bacteria and odour has been in use for a number of years but the available devices have proved unreliable being unable to continuously operate in horticultural environments due to an inability to cope with the typical humidity levels, inadequate design / construction and the selection of unsuitable components.

BM TEK are delighted to announce the availability of a range of ozone generators developed to overcome the problems with existing devices and capable of continuous operation in humidity levels up to 100%.

The Aromozone™   range has been professionally designed and is manufactured in the UK for use in the UK using the highest specification components available and provides resellers and users with a “fit and forget” device of unrivalled quality at extremely competitive prices.

The Aromozone’s innovation is all in the design using the perfect selection of materials to enable the Aromozone™  range of products to offer unrivalled reliability cost effectively but the key reasons can be briefly summarised as:

  1. Professional design team with extensive knowledge of High Tension electrical apparatus (our chief designer being an ex Rolls Royce Aerospace lead engineer with additional expertise in high voltage generation and distribution).
  2. The selection of components that are able to operate in the environment specifically selecting components that do not degrade in the presence of Ozone – whilst this would seem a fairly obvious consideration, our primary competitor employs in their design materials which rapidly degrade in the presence of Ozone which goes some way to explaining why they tend not to work for very long!
  3. The incorporation of design features to counter the high levels of humidity prevalent in the environment – if you have a high voltage electrical device inside cold metal ducting then it is fairly obvious that condensation is a problem that needs to be adequately addressed – here again this obvious design consideration has apparently been missed by our primary competitor.
  4. Manufacture within the UK – to supply a reliable and suitable device we reasoned that manufacture of the device needed to be carefully controlled and that subcontracting the work overseas was not the best route. We therefore opted to manufacture our products in the UK under our own direct control.

Please note when comparing prices, the Aromozone™  produces considerably more ozone than our nearest competitor through efficiency of the device, build quality and components used. Additionally, current consumption and therefore running costs are also markedly lower than other ‘similar’ devices for the same reasons.

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