Atami - Terra Max

Size: 1 litre


Quality bloom booster from Atami.
For lavish blooms and healthy fruit formation.

The bloom booster from the Atami system. Terra Max bloom booster contains the principal nutrients (NPK) in the proportions required by the plants during the flowering period. This product is the ideal supplement to the Atami Terra Leaves growth fertilisers.

Applying this fertiliser introduces all of the chemical impulses necessary for a healthy bloom and fruit formation phase.

All components of Atami Terra Max are completely water soluble and can therefore be absorbed especially quickly by the plant.

Note: Atami Terra Max can be applied throughout the entire bloom and fruit formation phase, but should be gradually weaned around 2 weeks before harvesting for harvest crops (e.g. herbs or fruits) in order to avoid overfertilisation and the quality-reducing effects that come with it.

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