Autopot - Easy2go Kit



Holiday watering in 2 simple steps. The easy2GO kit will automatically water and feed your plants while your away.

1. Place your plant pots in a garden tray.


2. Connect easy2GO Kit to your reservoir.


All you need is: A water container with minimum 30 litre capacity. A flat based tray with minimum 30mm depth. A 10cm length of standard hosepipe (16mm), if connecting to a reservoir tap. Simply connect the easy2GO Kit to the reservoir and fill the reservoir with water (add liquid feed if required).


Kit contents: 1 x AQUAvalve 1 x AQUAvalve cover 1 x circular spirit level 1 x 16-6mm inline filter 1 x 6mm golf filter 1 x 6mm top hat grommet 1 x 1.5m 6mm pipe.

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