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ProActive by BAC - keep Plants Healthy when Growing and Flowering

ProActive by BAC is an enhancer made from vitamins, proteins and 100% organic amino acids from plants. It will stimulate your plants general metabolism, promoting vigorous growth and an excellent yield. Its components will also activate the beneficial microorganisms present in the substrate, creating the perfect symbiosis.

You can apply it in combination with any grow products by other brands, although you will get the best results when you combine it with the BAC product range. It comes available in various sizes to better suit your crop needs. It is a product that is 100% environmentally safe, perfect for using both outdoors and indoors.

With ProActive, your plants will grow faster and will reach their full potential. It helps create a healthy and strong flowering phase, and avoids any sort of deficiencies. This product also has 100% natural ingredients. This product allows your plants to experience amazing evolutionary advantages thanks to the symbiosis created in the soil, making for absolutely amazing plants. Use ProActive during all plant phases. Your plants will grow strong and healthy from beginning to end.

Dosage and how to use ProActive by BAC

  • In the growth phase - dilute 10ml per liter of water and spray it on the leaves.
  • In the flowering phase - dilute 1ml per 10L in the irrigation water. Apply it once a week.

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