Biobizz - Leaf Coat

Size: 500ml



BioBizz Leaf Coat is an easy-to-use spray, made from natural latex. It creates a permeable, self-degrading layer on the leaf, that allows air and light to get through. Designed to protect against damaging fungi and pests.

How It Works

This 100% organic product is derived from beeswax. It creates a protective layer over the leaves, making it very difficult for insects to feed and fungi to take hold. This is a great preventative measure against these issues. The leaf coat naturally breaks down after a few days after application. The beeswax also acts as a natural growth regulator that will give cuttings a boost. It also offers plants protection in extreme temperature conditions.

How to use BioBizz Leaf Coat

BioBizz Leaf Coat is available in 500ml bottles. The BioBizz Feed Chart recommends use during the entire vegetative and flowering stages to facilitate foliar protection and provide maximum floral production in the plants cycle.

BioBizz Leaf Coat is suitable for use in all hydroponic and soil systems. Typically used during the vegetative and blooming phases right up to two weeks before flush. Leaf Coat should be sprayed on tops and undersides of all plant leaves, soaking them thoroughly. This should be done once a week. It is highly advisable to use this product when lighting conditions are low. Allow plants to dry before switching lights back on. 

BioBizz Leaf Coat foliar spray works well combined with Bio Heaven, Fish Mix, Top Maxto complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from BioBizz.

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