Buddahs Tree - Coco A&B 1 Litre



Buddhas Tree line up of additives have proven themselves to reliably produce amazing results and are increasing popular with our customers. Long awaited and new to the market, Buddhas tree coco A+B is a 2 part nutrient that can be used all the way through a plants life cycle – from young plant to harvest, right through veg and flower.

Buddhas Tree coco is specifically designed for use with coco coir and can be used with all watering systems because it dissolves instantly and so won't clog even the smallest irrigation lines. Buddhas tree Coco is also very easy to use because theres only two bottles to store and use throughout the entire grow, the only thing that changes is the silution rates.

Buddhas tree uses Chelated nutrients, where an organic molecule surrounds the inorganic nutrient. The chelating agent is strong enough to protect the nutrient but it’s also weak enough to be easily separated by the plant in order for the plant to uptake and use the nutrient.

How to use:

Mix one part of nutrient into the reservoir at a time – 2 part nutrients are supplied in two bottles for a reason: they can’t be mixed together in their raw forms.

An equal amount of both parts should be added to the reservoir at a dilution rate of 2ml A + 2ml B per litre for young plants and 4 ml A + 4ml B for established plants, following the buddhas tree feeding schedule.

After adding your base nutrients, you then put any additives into the reservoir at the normal dilution rate.

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