Buddhas Tree - Meta Boost

Size: 500ml


Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost 

Buddha Tree Advanced Meta Boost is scientifically tested and designed to super charge your plants metabolism to increase the size and development of crop yields with enhanced essential oils and fragrance. It is designed to be used during the fruiting and flowering stages of the crops and to be used in conjunction with Buddha Tree PK 9-18. Buddha Tree Advanced Meta Boost is power packed with amino acids, plant sugars and hormones along with seaweed extract and stimulants such as Cytokines and Auxins. 

Benefits and Additives:

  • Can be used with any base nutrient such as Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom
  • Produces bigger crop harvests with better quality, taste and smell
  • Enhances essential oils and terpene production
  • For the best plant health and overall larger, sweet and better quality use with Buddha Tree PK 9-18
  • Betaine Glycerin for environmental stress protection
  • Used throughout the growing and flowering stages within any soil, coco-coir or hydroponic medium

Buddha Tree Advanced Meta Boost gives the much needed amino acids and photo hormones directly to the plant saving the plant much needed energy to produce larger, sweeter and higher quality buds and crops
Dosing Requirements: During weeks 1 & 2 use 1ml per 1 Litre of medium. Weeks 3 through 7 use 2ml per 1 Litre of medium. By increasing dosage allows for the plant to continue being stimulated without causing stress to the energy levels which breaks down much needed proteins in order to obtain the needed amino acids for energy.

During weeks 3-7 using Buddha Tree Advanced Meta Boost in any nutrient base medium will give a boost to your plant life and using it combined with Buddha Tree PK 9-18 will give your crop yield a mega boost in essential oils, size, taste and smell. Buddha Tree Meta Boost gives increased energy for the growth of larger, sweeter buds and crop yields.

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