Can Silencers

Size: 100mm/4" - 45cm/180


Can Silencer When silence is a must you can’t go far wrong with these Can-Filters Silencers. They have been carefully tested and approved for use with most extractor fans.

Can-Filters Silencers – A sturdy Steel construction with dampening qualities to remove/reduce unwanted ducting, filter, fan and suction noises.
The main body of these silencers has a perforated internal surface which allows air and noises to be quietened after it passes through the fan.Reduces suction sounds created by fans.

The only real all metal silencer in the world! -Fully Imported from Holland And the only one that really works! Using the same principles as a car/truck/gun silencer. NOW AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES

Flanges not included – please select either 200mm 250mm or 300mm flanges for this size silencer.

Can be either 50cm Long or 100cm Long depending on noise reduction capacity.

Various Sizes:


8″ (50cm)

10″ (50cm)

10″ (100cm)

12″ (100cm)

12″ (50cm)

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