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CANNA Mono Iron is a high-performance one component nutrient, made for strong plant development. The liquid mineral is soluble, and plants can quickly absorb it. The mono nutrient is made from top-quality ingredients. For the best results, use the one component nutrient with CANNA's range of premium base nutrients and additives.


General Information

  • CANNA Mono Iron (Fe) is a top-quality one component nutrient;
  • The formula comprises liquid Iron chelates;
  • The product is made for the vegetative stage and the flowering stage;
  • The product is suitable for use with soil, coco, and rockwool substrates.



  • It's user-friendly and environmentally safe;
  • The product stimulates plant development;
  • The formula promotes strong blooming;
  • It's made at CANNA's highest standards of performance and quality.

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