Canna - Rhizotonic

Size: 250ml


Canna Rhizotonic

Canna is one of the best-known and trusted names in the hydroponic plant-feed business. Canna Rhizotonic is an algae based additive which helps to relieve plant-stress and stimulates rapid root growth. Used as a foliar spray, Rhizotonic is great for helping cuttings. Use with Cannazym for a thriving root zone.

How Canna Rhizotonic Works

Plants get most of their nutrients and water via the tiny root hairs which are attached to the thicker root network. Root hairs are very delicate things. Transplantation, moving pots and even watering can break these root hairs off. Canna Rhizotonic considerably speeds up the replacement and growth of these root hairs. We recommend also using it with Cannazym which breaks down the broken off root hairs and turns them into food for the new root hairs. Rhizotonic contains a mixture of over 60 ingredients including vitamins, trace elements and a root strengthening hormone (Oligosaccharide) that speeds up root growth and assists general plant health. Canna Rhizotonic is also commonly used as a foliar spray on cuttings to relieve stress and increase strike success rates. Rhizotonic is also great when used after re-potting. When sprayed or fed to an established plant, Rhizotonic will enhance plant health and encourages strong root growth. Rhizotonic is alkaline and can be used as a pH up in nutrient solutions.

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