G.E.T. (GET) - Aroma Formula Bloom A&B

Size: 1 Litre


se Aroma Formula VA and VB with MB during the growth Cycle

The Aroma Formula meets the needs of all plants, we start off feeding low, increasing mineral elements as and when the plant needs.

Instructions for Veg

For Vegetation growth, start building your Vegetation nutrient solution using 24 ml of THE AROMA FORMULA VA & VB set pH to 6.1 then add 40 ml of MB  per 10 litres of water for Hydroponics and 15 litres of water for Soil, Soil–less growing mediums. Add all ingredients except for MB before adjusting pH, once pH is set add 40 ml of MB to your nutrient solution. Set pH for Vegetation at 6.1. Hydroponics change the nutrient solution every 4 days. Soil water before the growing medium dries out. Monitor the leaf color to see if you need to increase or decrease the amount of the VA & VB. When leaf coloring is light green, this usually requires an increase of 2 ml of VA & VB or more. When leaf coloring is dark green, hold or lower the amount of VA & VB. Always use 40 ml MB. For herbs, flowers and vegetables use VA & VB with MB from seedling or cuttings to beginning of flowering or fruit production, at this time switch to FA & FB with MB.

Instructions for Bloom

Flowering growth, set pH at 5.7. Use FA with THE AROMA FORMULA FB and MB. Only you or your garden knows when to start flowering, so when it is time to start flowering, start mixing THE AROMA FORMULA FA & FB 2ml over the ml level that you left off in the vegetation stage. Keep following the ml increase or decrease by the coloring of your plant leaves. Always use 40 ml MB per 10 litres of water for Hydroponics and 15 litres of water for Soil’s.
There are growers using only 40 ml’s per 10 litres of water of the FA & FB with 40 ml MB staying with a normal growth rate which is highly Recommended, it is up to you how you end up feeding your garden.

Remember; only you or your garden knows when it is time to start flowering, adjust your feed schedule accordingly.

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