Grotek Organic Green Line - GrowthMax

Size: 500ml


Natural fertilizer from the sea
NPK: 0.3-0.3-4

Kelp has been utilized within agriculture for centuries. GrowthMax™ is a soluble kelp complex derived from a potassium hydroxide extraction process. This refined kelp product provides ocean based compounds that can benefit our plants and soils. Containing nutrients including potassium, this formula can be used as a root drench or as a foliar spray application to bring the ocean into your garden.

General Directions:
Shake well before using. The best time to apply is early or late in the day.
Foliar Spray Mix 10 ml per litre (2 tsp. per 4 cups) of water and spray mist the plants after 4 – 6 leaves appear. Spray once a week for 3 weeks.

Flowering Mix 10 ml per litre (2 tsp. per 4 cups) of water and apply a light spray on flower buds. Repeat again 1 week later and then discontinue.

Transplants Mix 10 ml in 5 litres (2 tsp. per 1.25 gallons) of water and soak the media thoroughly.

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