CX Canadian Xpress - PMT 100ml (Powdery Mildew Treatment)



CX Horticulture PMT is one of the few treatments on the market for Botrytis / Powdery Mildew that actually works.

If you're unfortunate enough to find white, powdery spots on your plant’s leaves then the chances are they have been infected with Botrytis / Powdery Mildew, a fast-spreading mould that can completely ruin your whole garden in a few days.

PMT is best used as a preventative measure but can be used as part of a cure. Apply every 5-7 days.

We strongly recommend acting without delay to avoid further damage. Act quickly and use PMT straight away.

PMT is available in 100ml bottles. Dilute 10ml of PMT per litre of clean water and use a foliar wash.

• Completely non-toxic.

• Safe to humans, animals and the environment.

• Kills and prevents the spread of Botrytis / Powdery Mildew.

• Safe for use on food crops right up until harvest.

• Activates your plants natural defences.

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