Dutch Pro - Leaf Green

Size: 1 Litre


Dutch Pro - Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a ready-to-use foliar spray to give your plants a healthy and green appearance. Use straight out of the bottle - no need to dilute! Dutch Pro Leaf Green revitalises yellowing leaves and improves nutrient uptake. Great for cuttings that are struggling too!

Dutch Pro produces some of the highest quality and abundantly producing plants that you'll find anywhere, and the fact that they have spent the money on what's inside the bottle rather than on fancy packaging means that they're great value-for-money too. It’s no wonder that Dutch Pro are becoming so popular!

How Dutch Pro - Leaf Green Works

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a ready to use foliar spray for use when your plant's leaves are yellowing and for struggling cuttings.  Dutch Pro Leaf Green contains a mixture of special ingredients to stimulate regreening of the leaves and to stimulate nutrient uptake. Dutch Pro Leaf Green can help cuttings that are becoming deficient and turning a bit yellow, giving them a real boost at the beginning of their lives.

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