Dutch Pro - Soil Bloom

Size: 1 Litre


Dutch Pro Original Bloom Soil is specifically tailored for soil substrates providing an exceptional quality base feed; delivering vigorously healthy plants. The 2-part growth and bloom stage feeds contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients combined to cater for all the needs of your plants.

How It Works

A combination of mineral salts supply your plants needs for a substantial, healthy yield. The main NPK ratios have been expertly determined to match the requirements of your favourite plant, whether you are in the vegetative or generative stage. The entire nutritional spectrum has been considered to provide macro nutrients such as Boron, Zinc, Manganese and others to your plants. In a soil nutrient, Calcium levels must be accounted for; a supply of Calcium will already exist in a soil substrate from the lime that is used to counteract the particularly low pH value that pure peat retains. It can be added at a lower rate in the base feed as it is already present in the substrate. This will ensure there is no compatibility issues with Potassium, therefore the entire nutrient can be combined in one bottle. Complimenting your plants growth by specifying exactly what the plants need at every cycle of growth.

How to use Dutch Pro Original Bloom Soil

Dutch Pro Bloom Soil is available in 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L bottles. The Dutch Pro Feed Chart recommends during fruiting & flowering stage to increase nutrient uptake.

Fill your soil feed water container with water and add equal amounts of Dutch Pro Original Bloom for Soil Part A and Dutch Pro Original Bloom for Soil Part B to the tank to achieve the required strength and mix well. Dutch Pro recommend a dosage of 2-3 ml/Litre of both part A and part B.

Please ensure you never mix the two together in their concentrated form as the Potassium and Calcium will react together and form a type of Gypsum. Always try to respond to what your plants are telling you, however It is good practice to use the growth schedule as a guide. You can gauge whether your plants need more or less nutrients by accurately measuring the run off of each irrigation and further comparing to what was initially watered in.

Commonly, with a young plant, begin roughly at around half strength, or an EC of roughly 1.2-1.4, and raise this up appropriately as your plant grows and demands more nutrition. Although you can dose the nutrients based on ml per Litre, we would highly recommend the use of an EC Meter. The pH levels of the nutrient solution are not quite as important as the EC because the lime within the soil substrate will always correct the pH back to the ideal level in the root zone.

Always store in a cool dry place, out of sunlight, UV is highly damaging to the chelate.

Dutch Pro Original Bloom Soil sits alongside Explode, Multi Total, Leaf Green to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Dutch Pro

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