Emerald Harvest - Cali Pro Bloom 2 Part A&B

Size: 0.95L


Help plants reach their peak with Emerald Harvest's Cali Pro.

It's a nitrogen-rich, 2-Part hydroponic base NPK feed. It has just the right ratio of N, P & K. 

Each bottle contains 4 main chelated trace elements (iron, cobalt, manganese and zinc). This key combo increases chlorophyll production, improves photosynthesis and regulates plant growth.

Dose with this to give plants the essential elements needed for vigorous growth and flowering

Use 'Grow' during veg, and 'Bloom' during flowering


  • 2 part base nutrient (part A + part B)
  • Nitrogen rich formula
  • Increases chlorophyll production
  • Enhances metabolic processes 
  • Contains chelated iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc & other essential elements
  • Up to 3 year shelf life

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