Emerald Harvest - King Kola

Size: 0.95L


Reign supreme and rule with Emerald Harvest King Kola and get the most out of every plant . A premium bloom booster, King Kola provides some of the essential elements your plant needs to produce heavy buds and flowers. High in phosphorus and potassium, King Kola contains ingredients that encourage budding, including nitrogen derived from hemp seed flour.

Encourages prolific flowering and heavy blooms
Helps power up your plants productivity with extra phosphorus and potassium
Gives your plants a boost with high-quality nutrients. Including nitrogen derived from hemp protein

The special blend also provides your plants with L-form amino acids which act as a natural chelator, helping your plant roots absorb the nutrients they need. L-form amino acids encourage plant metabolisms to work efficiently, resulting in there's little waste of the valuable nutrients in your feed.

Use King Kola as a supplement to a base nutrients series in the flowering phase for excellent results

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