Flexible Water Trays Deep Fleximats

Size: 80cm


The Flexi-Tray, An Innovative Solution for Grow Rooms with Restricted Access and Tight Spaces
Flexi-Trays are incredibly useful, super-flexible garden trays that can be squeezed into the tightest of spaces. They are perfect for getting through small loft hatches or oddly shaped openings and can rolled up for long-term storage. Available in three sizes and two depths, these durable, high quality trays are the perfect fit for virtually any sized grow room or grow tent.

How the Flexi-Tray Works
The Flexi-Tray collects run-off and protects your floor from water damage. It conveniently rolls up to get into tight spaces (such as loft hatchs) that normal trays simply can't get into. Once past the tight space, the Flexi-Tray can be unrolled and placed where required. Made of thick, robust material the the Flexi-Tray has no slip treads and pinched corners to keep all liquids inside at all times. Along with the three sizes of 80cm, 100cm and 120cm the Flexi-Tray comes in depths of either 5cm (shallow) and 10cm (deep).

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