Garden HighPro TT Mixed-Flo Fan

Size: 100mm/4"


Garden HighPro ProFan TT Extractor Fan

Garden HighPro ProFan TT extractor or intake fans; the small, compact and lightweight fans are made of a light weight plastic and use plastic clips to contain the fan with in its casing for easy access for cleaning, a high power fan and a low price! The fans can be wired to a low or high speed ( twin speed option )

The Garden High ProFan TT Extractor Fan is simple to use. The fan is wired with a 3 pin UK plug and 2m cable and features an external switch for changing the fan speed between the min and max power. In terms of power, the fan has a two speed motor enabling for you to choose which speed suits your grow room best. The ProFan motor is designed for greater efficiency and noise reduction which is why it is made of 100% copper. The fan is available in three sizes, 4, 5 and 6 inch models.

Keeps the air moving around in your tent.
100% Copper motor.
Two speed settings available.
Three sizes available.
Quiet and efficient.
Simple to set up and use
1 year warranty

Garden HighPro Inline Fan 100mm  4"  145 m3/h - 187 m3/h: 21 - 33W
Garden HighPro Inline Fan 125mm  5"  220 m3/h - 280 m3/h: 23 - 37W
Garden HighPro Inline Fan 150mm  6"  405 m3/h - 520 m3/h:  30 - 60W

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