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Hydro fuel bloom is a premier 2 part nutrient system containing all primary, secondary and essential micro nutrients necessary to encourage robust vegetative growth and heavy dense flowers and fruit. Hydro fuel bloom comes in a convenient 2 part grow formula and a 2 part bloom formula that can be used in both hydroponics or recirculating systems and soil/soilless or run to waste systems. Irrespective of the cultivation method Hydro Fuel Bloom is the right nutrient choice for your garden.


  • Used for all garden types regardless of media.
  • Clean, highly absorbable with very low preservative content.
  • Highly chelated for maximum abortion, well buffered & very pH stable.
  • There is only a 1 week flush required when using Hydro Fuel. This is because it doesn’t use Urea.

How Does it work?

Not all nutrient solutions are created equal. Green Planet Nutrients utilises the latest in formulation science to combine the necessary elements needed for aggressive vegetative growth and jaw dropping floral production into two distinct 2 part formulations to ensure all the elements are in the proper proportions and available. Simply the world’s finest nutrients formulation.

Hydro fuel Bloom uses the finest raw materials and fully chelated elements in its formulation. Along with the finest quality raw materials we use ultra premium reverse osmosis water that goes through 5 stages of filtration and treatment before it is used.

After blending, each batch is lab tested to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

Why it works?

Hydro Fuel bloom works because we have taken the time to study and research what the plant needs at what stage and at what ratio.

It is not enough to just mix common fertiliser salts in a bucket and call it a nutrient solution. Hydro Fuel is all about balance and availability of the nutrients when the plant needs it. Green Planet can achieve the very best nutrient formulation by utilising a 2 part system that contains everything your plant needs in a perfect balance.

Green Planet sources the very best in raw mineral salts that have the highest purity and no unwanted fillers or toxins. All of the micro nutrients within Hydro Fuel are fully chelated so that they are always available.

Hydro Fuel bloom does not contain urea which is a cheap source of nitrogen that doesn’t flush out well from the plant. Typically urea is for soil grown crops as it needs an enzyme to break down.

What does it contain?

Hydro Fuel Bloom contains the following:

NITROGEN, POTASSIUM AND PHOSPHOROUS- These essential elements are needed in relatively large amounts to support the various plant functions critical for huge yields.

NITROGEN- is an integral part of all proteins and enzymes. Nitrogen is needed for chlorophyll formation and aids in the synthesis and transfer of energy throughout the plant. Nitrogen encourages lush rapid growth and strong flower and fruit set.

POTASSIUM- is vital in the activation of more than 80 plant enzymes that regulate various functions including the opening and closing of the stoma necessary for proper gas exchange and water utilisation and conversion of phosphorous into an energy source. A lack of potassium will directly effect the yield.

PHOSPHOROUS- is necessary because it is a component of every living cell and is involved in key plant functions such as energy transfer, photosynthesis and nutrient movement throughout the plant.

Hydro Fuel contains proper ratios of all three primary nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassiuum to ensure a fantastic result. The ratio is perfectly balanced so that your plant can complete its vital processes and create increased floral structures and essential oils.

SECONDARY ELEMENTS- Hydro Fuel contains the secondary elements Calcium, magnesium, sulfur to help complete and balance formulation.

CHELATED MINERAL PROFILE- Hydro Fuel contains a completely chelated micro-nutrient and mineral profile such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt and molybdenum to help support your actively growing flowers.

Key Points

  • convenient 2 part grow and bloom formulation
  • Finest raw materials
  • No dyes or colourants
  • pH stable
  • Fully chelated micro nutrients
  • Proper NPK ratios
  • No cheap urea
  • Incorporates latest science
  • Premium ultra pure water

How to use it?

Hydro Fuel comes in a Grow formulation and a Bloom formulation. We suggest that you follow the ultimate feeding chart that illustrates the different ratios based on the stage of growth or flower by week to week. The feed chart makes it very easy and user friendly. Follow the directions on the actual container if not consulting the feed chart.

Mix Part A at the desired ratio then stir before you add part B, it is not advisable to mix concentrated A with B before they are diluted in the appropriate amount of water.

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