Grotek - Blossom Blaster Pro Liquid

Size: 1 Litre


Incentivize your plants flowering with Blossom Blaster Pro by Grotek
If you’re looking to improve your plant's initial flowering period, indoors or out, then Blossom Blaster Pro by Grotek is the perfect product for you.

We’re well acquainted with this product because it has been around a while in powdered format with a high NPK level. Now, Grotek has a liquid version with a smoother NPK level, 1-4-0, which is perfect for its use with irrigation systems.

How to correctly apply Blossom Blaster Pro by Grotek on your grows
You can use this product with all growth mediums, be it soil, coconut or hydroponics; all you have to do is apply it a maximum of 3 times during the entire process. You should start using it along with other Grotek products during the first week of the flowering period, once you’ve changed the times from 18/12 to 12/12h.

You should apply the second dosage during the second week and the third dosage during the third week of the flowering period. Right about then you should notice the amazing results this product provides; the branches on your plants should start brimming with pistils and floral glandules which will grow amazingly during the next phase if you use Monster Bloom, guaranteeing an incredibly hefty harvest.

The dosages are quite concentrated, and as per usual a high level of concentration equals high quality; you just have to add from 0.5ml to 1ml max per liter of water.

Dosage and when to use Blossom Blaster Pro by Grotek:
1st week of the flowering period 0.5ml x 1L
2nd week of the flowering period 0.75ml x 1L
3rd week of the flowering period 1ml x 1L

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