Grotek - Bud Fuel Pro

Size: 1 Litre


Flowering stimulator and plant structure
Bud Fuel Pro by Grotek is a powerful flowering stimulator that we add at the end of the growth phase so that your flowers grow faster. It is applied until the end of the harvest; we will interrupt its application only when we begin to clean the roots.

You can use this product in automatic irrigation systems without fear of causing obstructions in the pipes. With 100% ingredients soluble in water and assimilable from plants. It can be applied to crops with any type of substrate, either in Hydro, Aero, NFT, Coco or Terra.

Your plants will be prepared to form many flowers and larger thanks to the components of Bud Fuel Pro by Grotek. The plant's internal systems will be accelerated allowing their roots to absorb large amounts of nutrients.

Dosage and how to use Bud Fuel Pro:
Add 2.5 ml per litre to the nutritive solution along with the rest of the fertilizers that are touched in that week.
We will begin to apply it a week before changing the spotlight in 12 / 12h.

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