Grotek Organic Green Line - Root Force

Size: 500ml


Organically stimulate your plant's root formation with Root Force by Grotek Organic
Root Force by Grotek Organics is a root stimulant that’s perfect for those that don’t want to use chemical or mineral products on their plants. It’s made out of entirely natural ingredients, chosen specifically to intensify your plant's root system and stimulate microbial life in the soil.

Unlike other root stimulants, this product strengthens your plants’ secondary root structure, which allows them to absorb more nutrients and end up creating a more complex, complete root system.

Without any damaging substances and a soft formulation, Root Force by Grotek Organics
Another difference between Root Force and other typical root stimulants is that this product doesn’t contain hormones or phosphorus, both of which can damage microbial life and ruin the symbiotic process. Thanks to the lack of damaging elements, you can combine this stimulant with any mycorrhizae product or bacterial product in order to increase results.

When used regularly during your plants’ growth period, they’ll grow much larger than usual and become capable of absorbing many more nutrients and water – this allows you to feed them more food and therefore grow larger and higher-yielding plants. It’s incredibly effective when used after repotting your plants; it’ll help them feel comfortable in their new home, reducing stress quite a lot and allowing them to get back to their normal rhythm as soon as possible.

Dosage and how to use Root Force by Grotek:
Dilute 1ml of Root Force in 1L of water and use in irrigation water.
We recommend using at least once during the growth period and then during the week following any re-potting or if you pot-up.

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