Hydrotops - FFF (Fully Formed Flowers)

Size: 125ml


For Fully Formed Flower Use Hydrotops Triple F

The now legendary Hydrotops Triple F was first developed back in 2003, rapidly proving itself to be one of the best floral stimulator's money can buy for any media type. Over the years Hydrotops Triple F has consistently been trialled by many seasoned professional growers, delivering yield increases of up to 50%. Hydrotops Triple F has a 100% bio-organic formula, utilizing only a beneficial blend of micro-organisms that work in harmony with your plants root system to produce huge yields of superior quality. As with all Hydrotops products there are no plant growth regulators or PGR's involved to improve yields, only a natural helping hand!


How Hydrotops Triple F Works

Hydrotops Triple F utilises two components to trigger an explosive flowering response in the flowering period. The first component comes in tablet form, which is a blend of  micro-organisms that work in conjunction with your roots and growth medium to boost nutrient uptake. The second component then acts as a catalyst on these micro-organism's, acting as a food source for them to thrive, developing a symbiotic relationship between the root zone and media. All this increased activity in the rhizosphere produces a frantic flowering response, adding further weight to already heavy flowers. Hydrotops Triple F, along with the rest of the Hydrotops range, contains no PGR's, meaning there are no health risks involved or environmental damage done by using this product, just great results every time.

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