Hydrotops - Head Start

Size: 1 Litre


Give Your Plants a Head Start in Life, Give Them Hydrotops Head Start

Your plant's potential yield is governed by its nutritional start in life. The nutrients supplied at this critical stage help set the feeding pattern needed to assimilate the nutrition provided in the later stages of a plants life cycle. Hydrotops Head Start is a full-spectrum seedling/cutting nutrient, developed with the bio-chemical and nutritional needs of young plants and cuttings in mind. By using Head Start from the very beginning you're giving your plants the perfect start, using a tailor-made feed which promotes fast, healthy upward growth that will lead to superior growth and greater blooms to come.

How Hydrotops Head Start Works

Many growers often use half-strength nutrient when dealing with young plants and cuttings in the early stages of plant growth. This isn't ideal and can lead to two main issues later on in life. Firstly, the trace elements are under supplied (as it's at half the original strength) and secondly, the profile of the main elements (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) are not in a correct ratio either for the early stages. Because of these two points, the plant will adjust its bio-chemical processes accordingly and restrict growth rates, both above ground and below. As a result, when nutrient levels increase as the plant moves into vegetative growth, it cannot assimilate the higher levels of nutrition offered for several weeks, this can lead to poor flowering performance and, worse still, nutrient lock out.

Hydrotops Head Start provides the correct ratio of major and trace elements from the very start of a plant's life. This ensures a smooth and stress-free transition from the seedling or cutting stage towards the vegetative stages and beyond. With its ability to intake larger amounts of feed (thanks to its "head start" in life) your plants will be able to use the nutrition available during growth and bloom much more effectively with no down time.

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