Intense Nutrients - PK Ultra 15/19

Size: 250ml


INTENSE PK Ultra 15/19 is a highly concentrated PK booster that is designed to supplement any base nutrient and generate up 40% extra yield! Because PK Ultra 15/19 is so concentrated it represents the best value-for-money compared to the vast majority of other similar PK enhancers. PK Ultra increases the size and quality of your crop, no matter what main nutrient you use. For even better results, use in conjunction with Intense Wide Load and Intense Climax.

How PK Ultra 15/19 works:
Intense PK Ultra 15/19 is the new PK booster on the market – with a difference! PK Ultra contains a ratio of phosphorous to potassium that is not used in any other flowering booster. PK Ultra contains only the finest mineral plant-foods. Most PK boosters are normally used for only a few days during the peak of flowering. PK Ultra 15/19 has been formulated to be used from week 3 of flowering right through to the use of Intense Climax and or flushing. As you might expect, this produces much larger effects like denser crops and bigger yields by up to 40% with exceptional aromatic and essential oil content.

Intense PK Ultra 15/19 is a flowering booster for use along with any brand of base nutrient, and can be used with plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow-system.

Intense PK Ultra differs greatly from the competition due to its unique and complex make-up of Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, BioStimulants, Amino Acids as well as high levels of Sulphur.

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