Intense Nutrients - Wide Load

Size: 250ml


Intense Nutrients Wide Load will help to boost the metabolism of your plants which will speed up the fruiting of plants, strengthen the immune system which leads to faster finishing and consistently higher yields and quality. The uptake of nutrients greatly affects the plant’s health, yield and flavour.

Wide Load Can be used with any Hydroponic growing system, Coco Coir or soil and will deliver fantastic results time and time again.

This Product is a flowering Booster, which can be used with any growing system and in with any base Nutrient you choose. Wide Load can also be used as a Foliar spray as well as top feeding and Hydroponics


1-2ml per litre. Use throughout the flowering period, first dose 5 days from the start of the flowering cycle.

Contains complex naturally occurring compounds.

Wide Load can be used with any nutrient, Grow Medium and grow-system Setup.
Will Speed up plant metabolism
Increases flower, terpene, and essential oil production
Helps Plants uptake more nutrient
Encourages more fruiting
Helps plants fight against disease
Increases the quality of flowers
Available in 1L, 5L, 10L and 25L bottles.

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