Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light 300w PRO




The DAYLIGHT 300W PRO LED is the ultimate in small-scale growing. Building upon its predecessor, this unit packs the same awesome features and more. With an outstanding total output of 750 μmol/s. This compact unit perfectly covers a 1 x 1m area in beautiful full spectrum light (including Far-Red).

Additionally, this unit now comes with IP65 rating as standard, meaning the environment within your grow room poses less threat to the lifespan of your light. The ability to control multiple units via the DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller also means you can tailor your lighting needs specifically to your plant.. All this coupled with no fans or moving parts, little heat output and the ability to dim the unit with its remote dimmer makes the DAYLIGHT 300W PRO the most practical option for your small-scale grow.

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