Phresh V2 EC Silenced Hyperfan

Size: 150mm (560m3/h)


Get an EC fan on a budget - grab a HyperFan Silenced! This thing was inspired by jet engines!

These fans use 1/2 the energy, emit 1/2 the heat and make much less noise than AC fans. You save so much on energy the fan pays for itself.

Airflow is streamlined to create less drag! As a result, fans are smooth, efficient and make less noise than AC fans (vibration free!). With the silencing canister and acoustic foam, and it's super quiet.

  • Low noise (acoustic foam & silencing canister)
  • Separate Fan controller (35% - 100%) 
  • Low cost EC tech - 50% less power than typical AC fan
  • Long life - self lubricating ball bearings
  • 2 year warranty included

This fan has an EC motor. These are energised 12 times per revolution, compared to 2 -4 times with AC motors. 

The blades are based on jet engines. They combine Laminar Blade design and Stator technology to streamline your airflow. There's much less drag, and adding a carbon filter barely affects your airflow

Fans are quieter - there's less rattling and vibrating from your airflow. To really knock down the noise, these fans have a lightweight acoustic foam layer and silencing canister

The overall result is a powerful fan that lasts longer, reduces noise and is up to 50% cheaper to run than of AC fans! 

To add extra value, the fan has heavy duty, self-lubricating ball bearings that last longer and prolong your fan life.

Invest in one now and you won't look back.

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