Plant Magic - Boosting Powder

Size: 1 Sachet


Plant Magic Plus Boosting Powder is a premium PK boosting supplement that’s been developed to heighten the production of fruits & flowers, improve the overall yield along with enhancing flavours and aromas.

Boosting Powder by Plant Magic Plus should be used during the final 2-3 weeks of flowering prior to flush and you will notice the difference as you see your plants bloom with vigour and health as you approach harvest.

If you’ve ever used House & Garden’s Shooting Powder but are struggling to get hold of it in the UK, Plant Magic Plus Boosting Powder is an ideal replacement as it not only performs in an identical way, it’s also been developed by a UK company, using UK water, making it a perfect choice for growers living in the British Isles.


  • Bring your EC value up to 1.2 in your reservoir using your bloom feed
  • Use one 65g sachet/100ltrs water per week during the first 3 weeks of use (this is usually weeks 2, 3 and 4 of bloom)
  • Use two 65g sachets/100ltrs water per week for the final 2 weeks of use (this is usually weeks 5 & 6 of bloom)

Conversions: 1 Teaspoon = 5mL  |  1 Tablespoon = 15 mL  |  1 Ounce = 30mL  |  1 Cup = 240 mL

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