Plant Magic - Hydro A&B

Size: 1 Litre


A High-Performance Base Nutrient for Hydroponic Grow Systems

Plant Magic Hydro A&B is a 2-part premium mineral-based plant-food for plants grown hydroponically. The Plant Magic range has received rave reviews in growers magazines and around the internet, and rightly so! Healthy plants, superb quality blooms and heavy harvests are assured when you use Plant Magic Hydro A&B!

How Plant Magic – Hydro A&B Works

Plant Magic Hydro A&B is a premium 2-part mineral-based plant food containing everything a plant grown hydroponically needs for a superb flowering stage with huge heavy blooms of excellent quality. Everything a plant needs is included in just the right proportions – NPK, micro-nutrients, humates, calcium and magnesium. Add in some of Plant Magic's other boosters and you've got the makings of a very successful grow.

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