Plant Magic - Oldtimer Grow

Size: 1 Litre


Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow

Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow is a premium plant food for plants grown in soil during the vegetative stage. Oldtimer organic grow is our favourite plant food for soil grown plants and it produces great results when used with Plant Magic's own Soil Supreme or any other organic soil mix. Highly recommended by us and our customers.

Plant Magic Oldtimer products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health. For a really flourishing microherd we highly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the friendly microbes, plus a quality beneficial inoculant such as Ecothrive Biosys when growing in soil. For an extra kick, try Ecothrive Charge too!


Recomended Additional Purchases

If you want to use the full Old Timer range, checkout the Plant Magic Try Packs!

Pair this with our Ecothrive Starter Packs to get the most out of your organic grow!​


How Oldtimer Organic Grow Works

Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Grow contains a mixture of organically derived plant-foods which not only feeds your plants but also the friendly microbes in your soil. Oldtimer Grow has not yet been certified as organic but it contains only the best natural organic ingredients and produces results as good as (or better than) any other organic plant foods available. Oldtimer Organic Grow is a complete plant-food and contains everything that your plants need during the vegetative stage.

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