RAM Clip On Fan 6"/150mm




The RAM 150mm (6") Clip On Fan 15W is a top-quality product, made to deliver balanced ventilation throughout your grow space. You can easily attach the unit to a shelf in the grow room. It doesn't take up much space. The air circulation fan includes 2 speed settings, it's reliable, and well-built. The clip on fan has a 15W consumption and it's affordable. Growers use the RAM 150mm (6") air circulation fan to create perfect climate conditions in the grow room for huge harvest yields and top-quality crops.

General Information

  • The unit delivers top-quality hydroponic ventilation;
  • The unit maintains optimum air circulation in the grow room;
  • The air circulation fan includes 2 speed settings;
  • It has a 15W consumption.


  • It's strong and sturdy;
  • It's reliable and durable;
  • It's made at the highest RAM standards of performance and quality.

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