Root Riot Starter Cubes

Size: Tray 24


Root Riot cubes are used for rooting plant cuttings and starting seeds. Specially formulated using fine grade Canadian peat moss, they are pH balanced and maintain the beneficial properties of this natural source material.

A key component of Root Riot cubes is their ability to retain moisture due to their spongy texture. This texture also provides an ideal air to water ratio for plant cuttings or seeds to become healthy, young seedlings.

Unlike Rockwool cubes, which are prone to unevenly drying out, Root Riot cubes maintain consistent moisture and an even dry out. Plus, they can be used in both traditional and hydroponic gardens.  Root Riot cubes will remain stable when used in hydroponic settings and will not clog filters.

The total components of a Root Riot cube aids in plant cuttings and seeds rooting faster, allowing for quicker and simpler transplanting.

Not to mention Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes are safe for food production.

All of this means Root Riot cubes contain the elements plant cuttings need to produce healthy roots, resulting in vigorous plant growth.

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